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Easy maintenance in any room

Although IVC Home is easy to look after, it makes sense to make sure you care for it in the right way so that it can continue to give you years of style and comfort.

The frequency of maintenance will depend on how busy your home is, the room where IVC Home is installed and on the outside conditions. For example, a hallway in winter will require more regular maintenance than a bathroom or bedroom in the summer.

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Simple and quick cleaning

Ensuring your IVC Home floor is kept free from dirt and soil and that spills are immediately wiped away is all that’s required to keep your IVC Home floor looking good.

  • Regular vacuuming, dry mopping or sweeping to remove dirt
  • Remove spots and stains with a damp cloth and a mild appropriate cleaner
  • Occasionally clean with a damp mop and a mild appropriate cleaner
  • Do not use detergents such as dish washing detergent or soap as they will leave a slippery film residue
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Prevention is better than cure

There are ways of protecting your IVC Home floor from possible damage caused by dirt or heavy objects. At all external entrances you should use a suitable entrance mat that is regularly cleaned to remove dirt. Avoid rubber and latex-backed mats as these will permanently discolor IVC Home.

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Extra protection included

A lot of IVC Home floors are equipped with safe water-based PU-lacquer, a specially developed, permanent coating that makes it easier to remove stains and marks with normal household cleaning methods. There’s no need to reapply it, it’s a permanent part of IVC Home that will last your floor’s lifetime.

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